• Marketing Support- Product photos, videos, personal appearances and/or social media posts provided to support release of new and existing shapes.

  • Lower Up Front Costs Ease the financial burden of bringing a new set to the market and share the risk/reward of market popularity and high or low sales volumes.

  • Access to the Most Unique Styles- Most Signature and Signature Plus designs are only available to Partner Accounts.

  • Consulting Services-  25+ years of experience in manufacturing and business systems analysis available for hire to help your company operate at maximum efficiency and profitability.


In order to establish a partnership account and take advantege of significant discounts and additional marketing efforts, a Long Term Production Agreement must be in place. Standard terms of agreement inculde a quarterannual royalty of 10% of gross sales for each design/set paid for the duraton of production, a minimum order of 2 new shape sets per year (at partner costs), and 2 cast copies of each set delivered upon initial stocking of consumer inventory.  TERMS ARE NEGOTIABLE.

to request a Partner Account


  • No Contract Required- One time payment, no royalties, no minimum order.

  • Terms50% of payment is required before shipping of shapes, remaining 50% is due within 30 days of delivery.  In addition to the standard price, one consumer-quality cast copy of each set is to be delivered upon initial stocking of inventory.